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                                               is a self-taught hobby artist, living in Kelowna. She is most well known for her geometric animal series. To create these animals Pearl draws inspiration from her grandparent’s careers as stained glass artisans, applies technical principals from her interior design background, and combines her love of colour and animals to create whimsical creatures. 


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Pearl Pratley

Pearl’s creativity has always manifested in many different forms from a young age, but it wasn’t until her mid 20’s that she decided to try her hand at painting. She had always loved the way watercolours looked and knowing nothing about it, decided to try and paint her sisters portrait as a Christmas present. And that’s all it took; she was hooked on painting. It started as an obsession, and has evolved into her life’s passion. She started painting with watercolour, and a year later began to experiment with acrylic. And that “experiment “ lead to her next biggest discovery…her love of teaching and inspiring others.

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