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Celebrate your pet with their own portrait!

Tech Specs:

  • 9x12 Original custom pet portrait

  • 140lb archival watercolour paper

  • Permanent archival micro pigmented ink

  • Professional high quality watercolours

  • 12x16 Metal black frame included

  • Custom matting to fit your portrait

  • Ready to hang!

Tattoo permission's are included with every custom!

Pet owners get it. Pet’s aren’t pets, they are our family and we share an unexplainable bond. And as one fur parent to another, there is no one else like them. They may look like a specific breed, but I like to celebrate the little difference’s and unique quirks that make your companion unique! I do this by using reference photos to accurately capture your fur friend’s personality and characteristics. 

These portraits are created using a reference photo of the subject, and geometrically mapping out facial features by hand. After several rough drafts the final outline is inked out. Sounds simple right? Well it’s a lot more involved than that. By the time the good copy is ready to be painted,  I’ve drawn and redrawn every line in the portrait roughly 5x’s…which adds up to thousands of lines per portrait! 

Because of this, custom piece takes anywhere from 10-15hrs to create. I take my time because the details are so important. We've all had those deep soul-to-soul conversations and connections with our pets when we stare into their eyes. I capture those private moments in their eyes with carefully laid brush strokes, so that you can see the soul in their gaze.

I adapt that into my own style and let the creativity pour, and the colour flow. I use professional watercolours and high quality ink, and do everything by hand on archival paper. So what you end up with, is an amazing 1-of-a-kind custom of your best friend, forever immortalized and celebrated on your wall.

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