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I came across these cute little mushroom pendants on instagram by @Coltsglass who also happens to live in my city. I bought one off of him with the intent to turn it into a personal necklace and I quickly became obsessed with them! 


These necklace is so special and unique that it took 2 artist to create it! I am the mastermind behind the overall design, colour, and assembly of the necklace. The mushroom pendant however is made by an independant local artist who goes by @coltsglass on instagram. Each mushroom is uniquely designed and handcrafted in glass, which means no two are alike.


I'm happy to make a custom necklace like the ones pictured above for you. It all starts with getting to pick out your very own mushroom pendant from @Coltsglass. From there I will work with you to select the perfect color and material to coordinate with your carefully selected mushroom. Let me know what length you want, and I'll do the rest! 


Pricing starts at $90 for a 26" necklace. Please contact me via email to discuss your future fungi dreams!

Custom Mushroom Necklace

    • Handmade glass mushroom pendant made by @Coltsglass
    • Beads?? Up to you to decide!

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