The Red Fox is one of the most easily recognizable species in North America. They can live in small family groups, but most prefer a solitary life. Because of their small size they use a “pounce” hunting technique to stun or kill their prey. Foxes eat around 1kg of food a day and tend to be opportunistic hunters. They have a life span of 1-3yrs and from infancy to adulthood they have about 6 different recognizable call sounds. So maybe it isn’t so much about “What does the fox say?”, but about how they say it!


Do fox’s hold a special place in your heart? Then you might be a fox!


The fox is highly intelligent, listening to intuition to know when there is trouble underfoot. Spring into action and dart around obstacles instead of tackling them head on. Supernatural senses allow you to see the situation as it is, not as you wish it to be while your persistence and patience will help you easily pick apart the problem. Sniffing for opportunities among the leaves may mean that you have to turn over a new leaf to get where you want to go. Let go of fear and anxiety by trusting your nose to lead you down the right path.




This item is a fine art reproduction print of an original painting done by me, Pearl Pratley. The original artwork was drawn in ink and painted in watercolour and remains in my personal collection today. This animal is part of my Woodland Animal series that I started in 2015. This reproduction is printed on premium archival acid free paper in brilliant colour and remarkable detail. 


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    • Fine art pigment print
    • 110lbs acid free paper
    • Sealed in a clear bag
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    • High resolution giclee
    • Stretched canvas on 3/4" frame
    • Includes hanger
    • Signed by hand


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