Large 16x20 Canvas. Special edition, embelished with glitter. Only one of each in stock!


Deer live in a variety of biomes but are most often associated with forests. The highest concentration of large deer species live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in between Alberta and BC. Deer are social animals choosing to travel in herds. So if you spot one, be on the lookout for more hiding close by!


Do deer hold a special place in your heart? Then your patronus/ fursona might be a deer!


Deer are a symbol of peace, you can feel their serenity from afar. Embrace that energy, trust your intuition and move through your life with more benevolence. Don’t mistake your sensitive nature with being weak, you are incredibly strong. Have confidence that your highly attuned senses can see into the shadows of people’s intentions and will help guide you and keep you safe from predators.




This item is a fine art reproduction print of an original painting done by me, Pearl Pratley. The original artwork was drawn in ink and painted in watercolour and remains in my personal collection today. This animal is part of my Woodland Animal series that I started in 2015. This reproduction is printed on premium archival canvas in brilliant colour and remarkable detail. 


Image is copyrighted © 2018 by Pearl Pratley. All rights reserved.

Large Deer Canvas

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    • High resolution giclee
    • Hand embelished with glitter
    • Stretched canvas on 3/4" frame
    • Includes hanger on the back
    • Signed by hand
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