The three toed sloth lives a solitary life, and can be found hanging from the trees in the jungles of Brazil and Panama. The anatomy of the sloth doesn’t allow it to support it’s self upright on it’s limbs, so it spends the majority of it’s time hanging upside down slowly climbing from tree branch to tree branch snacking on leaves and twigs along the way. Sloths are the worlds slowest mammal. They move at a rate of less than half a football field in a day, and can sleep up to 15hrs. The reason they are so slow is because they have an extremely low metabolic rate. Sloths are so slow that algae is able to grow on their fur. In fact it’s all part of an incredible survival skill as the algae acts as camouflage as well as provides extra nutrients that can be absorbed through their skin.


Do sloth’s hold a special place in your heart? Then you might be a sloth!


This is what life in the slow lane looks like. Living suspended high above life’s busy march gives you a better perspective than most. Sometimes it takes seeing the world upside down, to make heads or tails of it all. Your focused inner silence brings peace and harmony, and makes for good camouflage- protecting you. But now is the time to use your unique vantage point to offer perspectives that others may not see. It’s ok to be seen, step out from the shadows and go out on a limb! You may look foolish to the superficial, but your love for the world is nothing to laugh at. 




This item is a fine art reproduction print of an original painting done by me, Pearl Pratley. The original artwork was drawn in ink and painted in watercolour and remains in my personal collection today. This animal is part of my Jungle Animal series that I started in 2018. This reproduction is printed on premium archival acid free paper in brilliant colour and remarkable detail. 


Image is copyrighted © 2020 by Pearl Pratley. All rights reserved.


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    • Fine art pigment print
    • 110lbs acid free paper
    • Sealed in a clear bag
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    • High resolution giclee
    • Stretched canvas on 3/4" frame
    • Includes hanger
    • Signed by hand


    Canvas prints are made to order, and they take 2-3 weeks to produce. Once produced they are shipped in 2-3 business days with express shipping and a tracking number.

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