I get asked about tattoo designs fairly regularly and while I would love to be able to design you a tattoo, but I just don't have the time for projects of this nature. So, my solution is to offer you permission to use one of my existing designs for a small fee.


This permission grants you non-exclusive rights and a one time use only of the chosen image for the purpose of reproducing it as body art in the form of a permanent tattoo.


Please indicate which design you would like in the notes at the time of purchase. Within 48hrs of purchasing the tattoo pass,  I will e-mail you a PDF “Tattoo Pass”


Once you get your tattoo done, send me a picture! I’d love to see it and share in the celebration!


**Please note** private pet commissions are not available for tattoo.


This is not a physical item. You are purchasing consent for one tattoo of the specified design. This consent is non-exclusive, meaning other people may also have the same design tattooed. Please do not tattoo any of my work or reproduce my linework in any way without prior written consent from me. All drawings and designs are protected under intellectual property copyright law (using my artwork without permission is stealing). Please be considerate of me and my work and respect that I make part of my living from my art.

Tattoo Pass


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