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Want to be the first to get my art tattooed?!

With bold geometric lines and fun modern colours my art would make ideal tattoos, which also means I get a lot of questions about it. Find all of the answers here! 

Can I have your existing art tattooed on me?

Yes you can! Please see my shop to purchase a tattoo pass or click here

Because art is protected under copyright laws, using it without permission is considered stealing. And you don't want to get stuck with a lawsuit on your hands. Your tattoo artist will likely want to verify you have permission as well, in order to protect themselves under the copyright. I will provide written permission to your email with the purchase of your tattoo pass.

Can you design a tattoo for me?

No, unfortunately I have too many projects already to be able to take on designing tattoos. I am more comfortable to leave this up to a tattoo artists. There's a lot that goes into designing tattoos, and they have more practice and experience. What I can suggest, is find a tattoo artist with a similar style to my art, and bring in some examples of my work. Explain what you are looking for and they will be happy to create something custom for you.

I really want my pet tattooed on me!

Cool! I can help with (part of) that! I include copyright permission for a tattoo with every custom! If you get it done, tag me in your post! I'd love to see it!

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